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Magyar változat



16:00 The party opens
19:00 Opening ceremony
  Deadline: Game development compo
21:00 Compo: Game development compo
22:00 Live: DJ karolyi [pacebreaker.com]
  Outdoor cooking


12:00 Deadline: Graphics and music compos
14:00 Compo: Photo
14:30 Compo: 4k procedural graphics
15:00 Seminar: Graphics coding for beginners - Márta Krisztián (Murphy / Exceed), Digital Reality
16:00 Seminar: Behind Elevated - Iñigo Quilez (IQ / RGBA)
17:00 Deadline: Demo and intro compos
  Budapest Micro Oldskool Console Bash
  MD1 census meeting
18:00 Compo: Music
19:00 Compo: Graphic compos
20:00 DJ Battle: dsh [4D] vs. DJ Flatline [Dezigned4Ravers]
22:00 Compo: Wild compo
23:00 Compo: Intro compos


00:00 Compo: Demo compo
09:00 Deadline: Voting deadline
11:00 Prizegiving ceremony
12:00 Party closes