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Welcome to the Function 2009 website

The party is over!


2009. 09. 21. - It must've been Function, but it's over now...
So that was it! Here be pictures, videos, etc.
2009. 09. 14. - We interrupt this program

And already we have a minor change in scheduling, as we will have an operette-festival in the main hall Friday night.


Ok, just kidding. Not this time. What's true, however, that instead of Mapez, our Friday liveact will be DJ karolyi [pacebreaker.com]!

2009. 09. 12. - ...and the rest!

The remaining missing information from the party is online:

  • We'll provide you two seminars!
  • Compo machines were specified
  • We produly present our sponsors! (And that's not all!)
  • Friday will see a live performance by MaPez!
  • Budapest Micro will organize a little oldskool console gaming mayhem on Saturday, so better dig out your old QuickShots!

Signed up yet? Demo ready? Less than a week left!

2009. 08. 27. - New compo and DJ acts!

Slightly belated, but we assure you that the game development competition will take place, but this year we do not specify a theme, just make a fun game and that's it! Again, we're partnered up with JF.hu, you can find the specs along the other compo rules.

In other news, Friday Saturday night at the party shall be dominated by music (as seen on Last.fm), as two amazing DJ's will duke it out to settle the score between four-to-the-floor and broken beats: dsh, reprezentin' the breakbeat / drum-and-bass genre, and DJ Flatline, bringing happy hardcore and hardstyle, will both attempt to drop some serious volume in the house. Dancing is permitted!

(If you don't get that last reference, uh, well, it's not your fault. Just... don't ask.)

2009. 08. 13. - Compo rules (mostly) online!

With a minor delay we finally published the competition rules, with no significant changes compared to last year - yet. This is because we're planning additional interesting competitions and will release details about it as soon as we've settled the details with our organizing partners.

In additional news, there will be a Stream throughout the entire duration of the party.


2009. 07. 30. - Yay!

We're surprisingly early (ha-ha) with the Function party website this year - the rest of the information about the party, compos, schedule, activities, will soon follow. In the meantime spread our banner, register, and don't forget to visit Budapest Micro II!