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Again we will supply you with interesting seminars, in both languages!

Behind Elevated - Iñigo Quilez (IQ / RGBA)

RGBA & TBC - Elevated

The seminar will go thru the creation process of Elevated, the Breakpoint winning 4k intro which resulted from the collaboration between TBC and rgba - the motivation to produce the intro, how it was approached, the difficulties found in the way and how they were solved or worked around. These will be illustrated thru intermediate step screenshots, code and executables. On top of that the seminar will explains some of the tricks and tweaks and also the scripting, modeling, texturing, shading and postprocessing techniques, for those willing for technical details.

This seminar will be performed in English.

Graphics coding for beginners - Márta Krisztián (Murphy / Exceed), Digital Reality

Is it possible to code demos without having an elaborate mathematical background and extensive programming knowledge? Of course!

This presentation, aimed mostly for beginners, will revolve around the programming languages, development tools, exercises and attitude that is needed for graphics coding to ensure quick and prolonged success.

This seminar will be performed in Hungarian.